Why Choose Us

“Your child will develop self-confidence, initiative, creativity and problem-solving skills. They will learn about social relationships, the world around them, maths, science and technology, reasoning and language. They will develop positive attitudes to self, others and to future learning. Your child will be treated like the cherished individual they are.


At both GrassRoots PreSchool and The Garden Outdoor PreSchool, we provide sessional / part time early education and learning for preschool children (2.5 – 5 years).

9:30am – 12:30pm

We practise a High/Scope early years programme. High/Scope is the globally recognised leader in early education, proven to increase your child’s confidence, initiative and ability to learn and progress in school.

We are one of Kilkenny’s private High/Scope Preschools, we aim to empower the little individuals in our care in a stimulating, fun and secure environment. Our preschool calandar runs from September – June, in tandem with the school year, so it helps to prepare your child for the transition to ‘big’ school.

The PreSchools are owned and managed by Bridget Dowling, an early years practitioner with over 14 years experience caring for and promoting learning in young children. Bridget believes there is no more important job than guiding children in their most formative years of development – the lessons children learn now will stay with them for the rest of their lives. She trained to achieve her High/Scope Ireland Accreditation. Following on from this, Bridget achieved her Honours Degree in Early Education and Care in 2013.

So committed is Bridget to the High/Scope approach to child development, and so confident is she in the kind of results preschool children achieve through High/Scope, she also become Kilkenny’s first independent High/Scope trainer, training and supporting other childcare facilities to attain High/Scope accreditation.

GrassRoots Preschool and The Garden Outdoor PreSchool are places of wonder, fun, exploration, warmth, care, security and active learning where your child is treated like the cherished individual they are.

See this for yourself by arranging to visit and talk with Bridget.

What makes the highest standard, quality preschool?

I Want to Find a High-Quality Preschool for My Child. What Should I Be Looking For?

Based on a number of research studies, there are seven elements of a high-quality preschool program.

  • It has a child development curriculum.
  • Low enrolment limits.
  • Staff trained in early childhood development.
  • Supervisory support and in service training.
  • Involvement of parents as partners.
  • Sensitivity to the non-educational needs of children and their families.
  • Developmentally appropriate evaluation procedures.

At Grassroots Childcare Ltd., which operates 2 early learning schools;

Grassroots Preschool, Rioch Court, Kilkenny.


The Garden Outdoor Preschool Ruthstown, Ballyfoyle, Co. Kilkenny

We strive to deliver excellence in early education for all children and their families that attend our services.

Our philosophy links well to the HighScope ethos, where children are the leaders in their own active learning. HighScope is our ‘child development curriculum’. Our enrolment numbers are limited and we recognise the importance of appropriate adult child ratios in our centres. Our staff team have very high academic qualifications mainly consisting of Honours Degrees in early childhood education as well as one staff member holding a Level 9 Masters Degree in Special Education.

Other qualifications are HighScope IHA, HighScope Trainer, Forest School Leader and many other courses and in-service

We are enrolling now for September 2015, make an appointment today to talk to Bridget.