Early Learning


By identifying and building on your child’s strengths, interests and abilities, the High/Scope programme of early education has been proven to significantly outperform other education programs in children’s pre-school development.

Research shows that children who learn through High/Scope develop abilities to problem solve, build self-confidence, and acquire a positive self-image and good attitudes to others.

High/Scope is a high quality approach to childhood care and education which has been shaped and developed for over 40 years.

High/Scope at GrassRoots is all about promoting active learning among preschool children. Traditionally children learn through the process of adults giving them information. At Grassroots, your child will discover things through direct experience with people, objects, events, and ideas.

Children learn best from pursuing their own interests, while being actively supported and challenged by adults, and because High/Scope is based around their interests, children stay focused, engaged and receptive to learning.

High/Scope also offers a new and highly successful approach to managing challenging behaviour in children, which encourages and supports you, the parent, to continue the recommended steps at home.

At GrassRoots our childcare team is as active and involved as the children in our care! We provide thoughtful materials, plan activities, and talk with the children in ways that both support and challenge what they are experiencing and thinking.

We are true partners in the learning process with your child. We call this active participatory learning.